Rocky (2)

Rated PG 119 minutes – Drama/Sport -June 15, 1979

Review of the movie

Many people say that Rocky 1 and Rocky 2 are like one long movie.  You truly see the ups and downs of  Rocky Balboa in these two movies.  I find Rocky 2 to be so emotional, and I have had tears in my eyes every time I watch it.
Would I watch again? Over and over

My favorite part(s)? I truly loved watching Mickey train Rocky for the second time.  He has him doing all sorts of out of the ordinary things, like chasing a chicken in a back alley, lifting logs, along with the traditional training he needs.  Mickey`s compliments are far and few between, but I just loved how he wouldn’t dream of giving up on him.  When Adrian was sick in the hospital, Mickey was there just as much as Rocky keeping him company.  I loved the last scene when Rocky and Apollo are fighting to stand up because whoever does first wins, I find myself almost (keyword:almost) standing and screaming, ”STAND UP ROCKY”.  It is just such an intense moment that they have created!

My favorite line? Rocky (to Adrian): I was wonderin’ what you were doin’ the next 40 or 50 years.
Rocky: I was wonderin’ if, uh, you wouldn’t mind marryin’ me very much.

Gazo (Rocky`s old boss): How’s about investing in condominiums? It’s safe.
Rocky: Condominiums?
Gazo: Yeah, condominiums.
Rocky: I never use em!

Rocky: I just got one thing to say… to my wife at home: Yo, Adrian! I DID IT!

Extra comments:  Sylvester Stallone wrote and directed Rocky 2.  Adrian and Rocky get married, and I am pretty sure there is about 5 in attendance.  Shortly after, Adrian finds out she is pregnant, and Rocky is beyond excited!  The baby in the movie was Sylvester Stallone’s real life second son named  Seargeoh Stallone, and he has so much hair as a baby!

More lines I loved: Rocky (to Adrian): Do you like having a good time?  Then you need a good watch!

Adrian (to Rocky): I hope you…
Rocky: What?
Adrian: …you never get tired of me.
Rocky: Oh, no.  You ain’t never getting rid of me.
Adrian: I hope nothing changes.
Rocky: I ain’t changing and I sure ain’t never changing nothing about you.

My rating is 5 Rambo knives out of 5



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